Every couple is special and every wedding I shoot is an honour to be part of.

Being a wedding photographer is not just a job, it’s a commitment to making a record of your most special day to last for all time. With this in mind I always try to find out your story, get to know you both, and find common ground to enable me to shoot better on your day. I am a very relaxed, easy going, some say quirky, wedding photographer who tries to capture the emotion and love on your special day.

Unlike most other photographers who capture weddings, I love my job and will make you feel at ease being the centre of attention. Because the approach is very candid, formal groupings are taken in a more relaxed manner. Most brides feel they have to have a few formal shots and this is fine, but endless family groupings take up valuable time and rarely make it into the album.

I will shoot up to 10 formal shots, more than that and Brides and Grooms loose the will to live! I try to always shoot with available light. Not always possible with a dark venues and British weather. This is a harder way of working than taking the easy option of using flash, but it enables me to be more creative with my images. Using available light gives the images a raw quality that conveys emotion much more easily than a “flashed” image.

LottieDesigns Ltd Wedding Photography Lancashire

LottieDesigns - Wedding Photographer Lancashire

I’m a Sony mirrorless shooter now due to the kit being light and fast. Being able to react to things happening fast enables me to be in the right place at the right time.

I have full public liabilities insurance and indemnity insurance. I am also networked with a large group of local wedding photographers, so if something unforeseen was to happen, your day is covered.

Choosing the right photographer is really important, not only to make sure they are up to the job, but to make sure you like them as a person. I always recommend going with the photographer who “gets” you as a couple the most. Having something in common really helps. Do not book someone who might irritate you on the day, trust me, it will spoil it for you.

Once you have decided to book, a meeting is arranged closer to your date, usually one month before. At this meeting the discussion is about final timings and shot list. I tend to meet my brides and grooms either at their venue if it’s new to me. This is so I can get to know you better and for you to feel at ease with me, and that we are all happy about what will happen on the day. Then all we have to do is shoot the day! I usually cover the whole day (10 hours maximum), from bridal preparations to the first dance, that way nothing is missed. You can opt for shorter coverage if you want, but that’s your choice.