This is the most difficult to write – a bit about me………………….?

Well I’m in my 40′s (not being too exact with numbers for reasons of vanity) I’m an incurable romantic! I absolutely love shooting weddings. Sometimes I can get so wrapped up in events I have been known to cry (only if everyone else is!!!)

I live near Whalley in a little postage stamp sized house with my two pooches, Tache and Archie.

I have a wonderful family who live quite close by, who dog sit for me when I work, as well as wonderful neighbours and friends who have the pooches on long wedding days.

I’m not going to ramble, the pictures below sum me up, and all my LOVES in life.

My background is design and marketing with a varied list of jobs from designing football kits to designing websites and graphics. I stumbled into photography by accident and haven’t looked back. I’m more creative now with my camera than I ever was as a designer. Now I’m self employed, life is great, busy but great.

I regularly take training courses with peers in the photography industry, more recently 5 days in Wales with the Snap Photography Collective which totally blew my mind. Learning is where I get my inspiration from and I’m always evolving my photographic style to keep it fresh.

Because of this ever changing creativity, I now offer a film highlights package which is a natural move on the from film footage I add into my slideshows. This Film/Video package is a great offer for the client who would like a video but have no idea where to start in choosing a videographer. Take a look at the film highlights package page here and the showreel.