Welcome to LottieDesigns
Documentary Wedding Photography in the Ribble Valley and Lancashire

My name is Lottie, I take photographs and I shoot film.
{Honest – authentic – emotion}
If I have to describe my work I say I’m a quirky, documentary, wedding photographer.
So many pigeon-holes to be put in. In reality I’m all of these and non of these.
I’m just me.
I’m influenced by styles and fashions in wedding photography, but what I do on a wedding day is just my reaction to what happens on your day. I’m an emotional soul who just loves weddings, I have a sense of humour, a very informal approach, and can also be a little quirky.
I’m not a trained photographer by any means. I am inspired by details, flowers, shoes, dresses and the visual feast that is wedding!
Oh and I love dogs too!
Take a look around the site and get a feel for my style.
My start from prices are on the investment page under weddings, and you can check your date too!
Check out my new cinematic film highlights package here.